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Wanna Know How Hot is The Site of China Belin's Booth for China Refrigeration Exhibition

The 29th China Refrigeration Exhibition came to a successful conclusion!

Shanghai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd focused on dehumidifying and humidifying products for over 10 years, and made appearances at the China Refrigeration Show with efficient, smart, and innovative dehumidifiers and humidifiers, achieving attentions from global customers, media and professional personnel, we are featured on the scene and are very popular among exhibitors.


 In April, although the chill has not been cleared, but it can not stop our new and old customers’  joy and excitement, as the representative of the old clients, Sam and Aaron, and a group of people visited Belin’s booth and experienced Belin’s new designing and hot selling products.


 Quinta from Belin were introducing to visitors, Belling's new air purification ceiling dehumidifier, using new design integrated with dehumidification and purification, and the large-cycle indoor air is rapidly refreshed. The unique air duct design rapidly form a 360-degree cycle of airflow, becoming an air trees, absorption of dust, PM2.5, formaldehyde and other substances, as if you were in fresh forest air, easy and comfort! In this way, you don’t need to do the hard houseworks of dehumidification and decontamination in your daily life, by the appliances running! Making time for your family.

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 Features  and  Highlights


And, we also come up with a series of dehumidifiers for home use at this exhibition, The series can be used to dry clothes and fresh the air.

See! this visitor from Pakistan were so interested in Belin’s dehumidifying products, after Quinta’s introduction, he said that he finally found the dehumidifiers that he needed to buy, feeling so happy!


Belin’s staff are introducing products at site.

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Good memories during the 3 days’ exhibition! Over here in this exhibition, we experienced satisfaction and smiling of visitors and clients from all ove the world, achieving their praise and recognition, but we are not satisfied, with techniques and ingenuity, we are trying our best to come up with more and more excellent products ,with higher and higher quality!

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