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BL-870D 70L/d
  • \""
  • BL-870D   70L/d
  • BL-870D   70L/d
  • BL-870D   70L/d
  • BL-870D   70L/d
  • BL-870D   70L/d
  • BL-870D   70L/d
  • BL-870D   70L/d

Strong dehumidification Immediately
Equipped with high-efficiency compressor, excellent performance, rapid dehumidification, strong and thorough.

Quick drying like sunny
Dry air flow, rapid circulation, drying clothes, no longer wet clothes in rainy days
Smart design, running automatically

Intelligent microcomputer, accurate and constant humidity control, power-off memory, high-efficiency defrosting, automatically
Environmental protection cold coal R410a used, it does not damage the ozone layer, highly efficient and environmentally friendly

  • Capacity
  • 70L/d(30℃ RH80%)
  • Application Area
  • 80-130㎡
  • Volatage
  • 220V-50Hz
  • Power
  • 1050W
  • Drainage
  • external water pipe
  • Working Temperature
  • 5-35℃
  • NW
  • 42Kg
  • Size
  • 430*410*718mm


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